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We provide here below hotlinks to some websites providing valuable information and resources regarding China, Europe market, economy, research reports, etc. Please feel free to research the information from these valuable resources.

China, European Organisations, Economic Information

China-Britain Business Council (CBBC)        
British Chamber of Commerce (BCC)          
Ministry of Commerce of PR China             
European Commission market data access   
European Economic Community directives   
China Window - Online information about China
China search - Online directory for China    
Chinese business directory                       
International business directory                 
China Biz Directory                                  

Company Information

Hoovers online company research              
Wright Investor Corporate Information        
Carolí»s annual reports online (Europe and US)
Company information in France (in French)  

Financial Information

Bloomberg online data                              
Yahoo finance global data                        

Global Stock Markets

London stock exchange                            
Paris stock exchange                               
Dow Jones industrial average                     
New York stock exchange                        
Hong Kong stock exchange                       
Tokyo stock exchange                             

Financial management

Oanda currency rate convertor                  
Online tool of finding right business bank in UK


Semiconductor industry                           
Global semiconductor industry association    
British Defence Equipment Association        
Constructin Products Association               

Academic bodies

University of Salford                                    

Links to third party sites are provided for your convenience. Sykam Solutions does not control these sites nor is it responsible for their contents. Inclusion of links does not imply endorsement of the site, business or organisation, or of the material displayed on these sites.

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