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At Sykam Solutions, it’s well acknowledged that talented consultants or senior managers are the most valuable assets. Hence we continue to look for top talents that have a perfect personality and skill fit with Sykam. If you possess most of the skills and characters featured below, please feel free to send us your CV and covering letter. If we identify a potential fit, we shall respond you with an email in short time.

  • Bi-lingual in Mandarin Chinese and English, native speaker of both languages are welcome. French, German or Japanese is a plus

  • Previous track-record professional experience with either world’s top strategy consulting firms, senior management position with International blue-chip industrial companies, preferably in strategy, marketing or corporate finance (strategic acquisition) area, or leading investment banking houses in M&A or research function

  • Strong analytical skills, structured thinking and lateral thinking ability

  • Entrepreneurial spirit, creative mind, enjoy working in team

  • Result-focused, excellent inter-personal skills, good verbal and writen presentation skills

  • Deep knowledge of China or European market and extensive network with companies or government in those markets

  • Although we are not IT consultants, we need some people who have proficient IT skills covering operational IT, network, modelling with programming language, or ERP, CRM, e-procurement platform knowledge

Think strategically about your career, you will find that Sykam will present you with a bright growth prospect which you will personally be invoved in developing, and a rewarding career with plenty room of independence. So, write to us now:

Be inspired by aspirations. Be motivated by visions. Be consulted by Sykam Solutions.

Sykam Solutions

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