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Potential Outcome

Pricing Strategy

- Macro economic analysis, market supply and demand dynamics
- Porter’s 5 forces
- Cost structure benchmark with leading competitors and industry average
- Product portfolio analysis, competitive position analysis
- Value Based Pricing tool
- Pricing variables dynamic modelling
- Computer enabled margin and volume scenario simulation

- Increased gross margin without sacrificing sales (Note it’s euro sales not sales volume)
- Increased value perception of “star” products
- Improved competitive position
- Higher brand loyalty

Branding Strategy

- Competition analysis
- Brand assessment
- Psychological brand equity evaluation
- Underconscience provocation test
- Customer perception test
- Product line positioning and redesign
- Logo design
- New brand package communication and media lobbying/ advertising
- Business case simulation

-Positive brand perception by the market
- Higher brand awareness and loyalty
- More emotionly committed customers
- More tuned to evolved customer needs

Product Portfolio Strategy

- Product categorization
- Value position matrix
- Competition benchmark
- The BCG Matrix
- Margin analysis
- Target customer segmentation analysis
- Business case simulation

- Product portfolio optimized to focus on target segment
- Better value proposition
- Higher margin
- Possibly higher sales
- Boost product design and R&D to lead the market

Global Market Development

- Porter’s 5 forces in global market context
- Market situation snapshot
- Compeition analysis in the oversea markets
- Regulation and legal issues review
- Local partnership strategy (selecting, qualifying partners, contract negotiation)
- Project management methodology
- Business case simulation

- Much more competitive in both global and local market
- Higher profile and brand visibility globally
- Strengthened competitive position
- Much larger scope of market and considerable organic growth potential
- Side benefit might be lower production cost

Mergers & Acquisitions Strategy

- Corporate financial strength review
- Market strategy analysis and growth aspect definition
- Value mapping
- Corporate strategic synergy mapping, SWOT analysis
- Company evaluation methods include DDF, DCF, DFCF, Comparables
- ROI, Payback period, ROCE analysis
- Business case simulation,

- Strategic synergy realised
- Significant external growth
- One of the “quick win” approach to set up oversea operation
- When properly executed, significant value can be created

Margin Strategy

- Cost structure benchmark
- Competition benchmark
- Price, volume dynamic modelling
- Guideline to procurement strategy, supply chain strategy, pricing strategy and market strategy

- Higher gross margin and net margin
- Strong financial position
- Share holder value created
- Higher ROE, higher company value

Supply Chain Strategy

- Porter’s 5 forces analysis
- Reversed Value Chain Consistency Alignment (RVCCA)
- Gap analysis with industry’s best practice
- Supply and demand transaction integration point analysis
- Supplier screening and requalification
- Supplier relationship management
- Organisational restructure

- Increased supply chain efficiency
- Improved staff, supplier and customer satisfaction
- Improved margin
- Value creation

Procurement Efficiency Program

- Product categorization
- Supplier categorization
- Value re-engineering workshop
- Efficiency and savings gap analysis
- Centralised tendering process
- Negotiations and qualifications of suppliers

- Significant savings achieved
- Improved operational cashflow position
- Strengthened financial power to finance growth
- Higher bottom line net profit
- Reinforced relationship with suppliers

Strategic Sourcing

- Product analysis by category
- Sourcing situation assessment
- Value added product identification and prioritization schedule
- Global sourcing strategy alternatives’ analysis
- Tendering process
- Sourcing partner selection and negotiation
- IP protection and legal requirement review
- Business case simulation

- Significant savings
- Higher operational efficiency
- Improved human capital value and increased employee satisfaction
- Possibly better products with higher quality, yet cheaper cost

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