Successful Cases

Sykam Solutions has extensive hands-on experience in helping national medium sized companies to Fortune 500 giants create value through various projects. Here are some examples of our successful projects.

Leading CG Company,  margin and pricing strategy

Sykam helped a large scale CG company  analyse its cost structure, identified areas to tighten cost through supplier  rationalisation and strategic sourcing. The process increased its gross margin by 55%. Phase II helped them to review its pricing strategy by looking at their  product portfolio, product positioning and brand equity, which led to a new  value-focused pricing system.

Japanese Semiconductor Equipment Company,  European market entry strategy

Sykam helped the Japanese client carry out an overall market study and competitor study. Then identified the most  suitable market to set up their European operation. Also helped them to define 5-year strategic objectives in terms of growth rate, market share and ROI  target. The implementation was accomplished within shorter period than the top management expected and the site is under successful operation.

Global industry leader, Fortune 500 Chemical company, bottom line improvement strategy

Sykam assisted the global Chemical giantí»s global procurement  division review its purchasing pattern and supplier base, after value-engineering for product features and re-think of its product design,  worked with selected suppliers to rationalise product feature and material  purchase. The project helped the client to reduce COGS by 25%. Which gives the publicly listed company a bright financial statement to its shareholders in a  recession period.

UK national plastic manufacturing company, International development strategy

This private-owned UK manufacture  company enjoys a comfortable position in domestic market. However it thinks  about using its rich cash resource to reach next stage of profitable growth.  Sykam Solutions helped the client look at its strength and weakness, benchmarked its core competency against major global competitors in different foreign markets. That led to a clear picture of the main markets they can focus their efforts. And in the end helped them to formulate overall market entry strategy  for the top 2 markets identified. Notably Germany, France and Italy.

National machinery manufacturer, China sourcing strategy for its European facilities

The National machinery manufacturer was under  constant price and margin pressure due to mature market and fierce competition.  It contacts Sykam for help on its cost strategy. Our team helped them analyse  its cost and concluded that certain labour-intensive but low technology value-added parts, can be sourced from China. The business case showed a 30% reduction on their COGS and then Sykam helped this client implement its sourcing  strategy by selecting qualified suppliers from China.

We strive to deliver value to every client through our relentless pursuit of resource efficiency and thought  leadership.


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