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Sykam Solutions - We bring local knowledge and expertise in the global markets to your desk

Sykam solutions is a business consultancy firm, aimed at assisting UK companies enhance their business performance by more active participation in the International market, also helping Asian and European companies realize business opportunities in the UK.

With the directors’ extensive knowledge and network in the global market, we endeavour to leverage our strong skill pool in the consulting market to create real value for our clients.

The global economy is becoming increasingly competitive and dynamic. Pioneering technology enable much faster transfer of information. Consequently, the global market is more accessible than at any time in the history. Only those businesses who think more creatively, look farther in both time and geographic dimension, react faster, seize the opportunities at the right time can prosper. In the light of seeing forthcoming business up-cycle, companies who have been focusing on cost reduction for years need to rethink their strategy and hone sharper capabilities in order to ride well on the next tide.

At Sykam Solutions, we understand the types of business issues our clients are facing, and we appreciate their aspiration to drive the business to next level. We will work side by side with our client; bring them our impartial, objective view (the helicopter principle), tease out causality of business issues, analyse factual data and information, then configure the most feasible solutions that can create greatest impact.

Our client will very soon see the benefits as a result of:

  • Our proprietary well-structured analytical tools and business mapping methodology for a clear view of their business
  • Our interactive, transparent, frank and real-time communication,
  • Quantified, measurable project results are identified from the beginning, using business dynamics modeling method to make holistic analysis of all causes and effects
  • Simplified, “one-touch point” consultancy option helps the client find legal, financial, marketing specialists under our supervision
  • Initial “No risk, only benefit” diagnostic service helps in gaining a deeper insight into the business performance, and clearly define the project scope
  • Result-driven fee structure, makes the fairest business sense and shows our commitment
  • We make sure there’s minimum disturbance to the client’s day to day operations
  • Our network and database in strategic locations will provide factual data of that country within the shortest possible time, thus reduce your cost of acquiring sometimes costly data
  • Our strategies are based on factual data and are easy to put into practice. And if required we can also assist with final implementation
  • We provide Turn-Key sourcing solutions to give customers ONE answer that assures them with highly satisfactory price, quality and precise delivery

Be inspired by aspirations. Be motivated by visions. Be consulted by Sykam Solutions.


Sykam Solutions

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