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Sykam Solutions - We bring local knowledge and expertise in the global markets to your desk

Mission Statement:

“We aim to provide a professional approach and service for our clients, which promotes confidence in our ability to create value by delivering projects quickly, of high quality and to the agreed budget.”

Our mission is to help companies and organisations to increase value as a result of reaching their full potential internally and internationally.

Value proposition: Sykam Solutions help clients steer the right direction, increase top line and bottom line by reducing uncertainties, risks, hassels and waste of time, hence increase efficiency, success rate and “quick-win” results.

    Objective     Sykam Solutions’ objective is to become the doorway and leading strategy and solution provider for UK companies to do business with over-seas markets (mainly China and North America) and for oversea companies wishing to do business with UK

    Positioning  Leading niche consultancy firm in supporting medium to large sized (up to 5 Billion UK pounds turnover) companies in various industries that have potential to make substantial improvements to their business in the UK and internationally. Sykam Solutions does not provide IT consulting or Human Resource consulting.

    Differentiation strategy   Sykam Solutions differs from other consultancies by offering world’s top level strategy consulting expertise and tools at a sensible and affordable price, all come in under high professionalism with a friendly, personal approach.

    Distinguished methodology Sykam Solutions differs from other consultants by offering strategy and solutions based on quantifiable decision making tools that take into account not only indigenous dimension but also global market economics.


Be inspired by aspirations. Be motivated by visions. Be consulted by Sykam Solutions.


Sykam Solutions

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