Corporate Policy

Sykam Solutions - We bring local knowledge and expertise in the global markets to your desk

  • Sykam Solutions holds the responsibility to ensure that clients’ interest is always put above all the other interests
  • The content, data, research information are the property of Sykam Solutions and its clients, it shall be kept in strict confidentiality. Sykam Solutions will make sure that the information will not be divulged to the third party or outside. Shall the information be required for marketing use, Sykam Solutions must obtain written approval of the clients before the information is published
  • To assure high loyalty to its clients and confidentiality, Sykam Solutions will endeavour to serve one unique client in a well-defined specific business area, hence to avoid the possible exposure of clients’ project information to its competitors in that domain
  • Sykam Solutions will make sure that the costs and expenses incurred during projects are of the optimal level, it will constantly endeavour to maintain highest cost efficiency for itself and its clients
  • For the existing customers, Sykam Solutions will strive to maintain availability at all times for their consulting needs
  • As Sykam Solutions work with a number of professional partners in market research, legal and financial area, when it comes to “Soft Dollar” exchange of services, Sykam holds the responsibility of giving its client the highest availbale quality and best value, and the exchanged service or information will be of direct benefit to the clients’ on-going project
  • Sykam Solutions will relentlessly make efforts to assure the accuracy, relevancy and correctness of all the data, information and methodologies involved in the clients’ projects.


Be inspired by aspirations. Be motivated by visions. Be consulted by Sykam Solutions.

Sykam Solutions

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