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Apart from International strategic consulting, strategic sourcing is another key value-added service Sykam Solutions bring to her customers. We pride ourselves to be the most competitive sourcing partner for you for both price and quality reasons.

How can Sykam Solutions create higher value in sourcing than other service providers?

Sykam Solutions has developed a highly efficient supply chain system using System Dynamics Management program to deliver fast, best price/quality ratio assured strategic sourcing services for customers range from fashion/luxury goods to industrial manufactured products or components.

Our strategic sourcing solution starts from initial component cateogy analysis, identification of categories and components that have less technological value-added and IP, with higher labor involvement, which have the most advantage to be sourced from China, to form a clearly defined China Sourcing Strategy.

During the implementation phase, we help build an efficient supply chain that relies on a lean team of highly experienced sourcing specialists based in UK and China, who qualify and manage a pool of Golden Suppliers out of our databse of 70 million Chinese manufacturing companies covering 59 industry categories. Our sourcing solution ensures that you have on time to-your-doorstep delivery using most cost competitive product supplies and transportation system. Thanks to our solid relationship with Golden Suppliers and our global transportation partner, we are well-positioned to reduce lead time with guaranteed product quality and delivery.

Because we not only source products/components from our qualified suppliers, our sourcing specialists also help them develop their production and logistics system using our advanced management approach and International standards. Sykam Solutions efficient supply chain management system enables supplier work in more efficient way, hence create value for themselves and pass the benefit to our ultimate customers.

Sykam Solutions is turn-key sourcing solution provider to save you hassles in choosing suppliers and quality control process. We aim to give you one answer that assures you a highly satisfactory price, quality and guaranteed delivery.

Send us today your enquiry or phone us with product requirement, volume, delivery deadline, we will come back to you in short time with a quotation. We are sure that you will be not only impressed by our price and efficiency but also by the product quality.


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