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Sykam Solutions - We bring local knowledge and expertise in the global markets to your desk

We help our clients realise substantial value creation via three routes:

  1. Top-line growth
  2. Bottom line profitability improvement
  3. Optimal resource allocation

We run an initial diagnostic workshop with the business leader to form our understanding of his industry and his business. Here, we listen to his opinion about the business performance and the areas of his concern. Then, based on our business knowledge and preliminary analysis, we will take him through a value mapping discussion. Keeping in mind our understanding of the unique character, existing strength and weaknesses of his business, value mapping helps clearly delineate the contour of the project, and our in-house developed reversed value-chain consistency aligning methodology can as a result generate the highest improvement impact on the business.

As we all know that today’s market is becoming more and more competitive, established competitors and new entrants are all pushing the business to an increasingly tighter margin. Creative business models and strategies together with consistent and efficient implementation can help most businesses alleviate this pressure by significantly improving their competitive position. We help clients realise concrete benefit not only on short term Profit and Loss account results, but also on cashflow statement and balance sheet. Our strategies generate positive cashflow impacts and long term value on intangible assets from strengthened customer relationship, more efficient R&D and shortened time to market, to more valuable brand equity.

Why the results from our strategies are so successful? There are five key elements of our consultancy project approach:

  • Profound research and rigorous data analysis to scientifc level

  • Comprehensive benchmark to best-in-class practice in the industry

  • Based on benchmark, formulate a strategy with creative business models

  • Result-focused, pragmatic approach to strategy and implementation

  • Always maintain a clear helicopter view of the world economy, specific industry and business

These five key elements we instill deeply into our day to day work and mentality, with our corporate policy strongly focused on professionalism and ethics, the diligence of implementing those elements in the client work makes our project results solid and strategies reliable and feasible.

Sykam Solutions’ main project areas are:

    Top line growth strategy (Business Dynamics Modeling applicable):
  • Corporate long term strategy

  • Market orientation, Marketing/ Branding strategy and value-based pricing strategy

  • Market entry strategy and preparation

  • Value-chain positioning strategy

  • Joint-Venture strategy, strategic alliances, cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions including commercial due diligence, partnership selection and qualification

  • Fund raising strategy to support development

  • Customer relationship strategy 

    Bottom line profitability improvement strategy

  • Procurement streamlining, and supplier rationalisation and consolidation

  • Supply Chain efficiency program

  • Strategic sourcing

  • Function outsourcing

  • Structure re-engineering

  • Value Scorecard design

    Optimal resource allocation strategy

  • Product portfolio rationalisation and optimisation

  • Optimize the return on capital employed (ROCE) and return on assets

Through those projects, we will help our clients fathom their market and industry dynamics, take a different angle to look at their customers’ needs, dissect their competitors’ forces hence reinforce their existing strength and find new muscle to out-perform the industry.


  Be inspired by aspirations. Be motivated by visions. Be consulted by Sykam Solutions.

Sykam Solutions

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